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      • The Duke and Duchess of mbridge
      • The Queen Signs the Constitution Act, 1982
      • The Prime Minister Meets the Queen of nada

      Welcome to the Monarchist League of nada

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      In its 51st year, the Monarchist League of nada remains nada’s premier organization at the forefront of the promotion, edution, and nonpartisan defence of the nadian Crown. This site is the first step to learning about the League’s activities and about nada’s constitutional monarchy. Whether you want to learn how to write The Queen, request 100th birthday greetings, fact check the media, or simply need to do some research for a school project, we hope to be a useful resource.
      This site explores the importance of an institution that is as uniquely nadian as hockey, maple syrup and the beaver: the Crown, an essential part of our national identity and democratic institutions since Confederation. Our goal is to show that our constitutional monarchy actively advances a modern, inclusive, fair, and united nada of which everybody n be proud.
      We invite you to enroll in the League with a free six-month trial membership, after which you will be invited to renew on a paid basis. Membership includes receipt of nadian Monarchist News, as well as other benefits including frequent e-mail communiqués ranging from alerts asking League members to take action in supporting the Crown, to special event invitations, news about the Monarchy and special offers for those interested in obtaining informative books, pictures of The Queen or souvenirs of Royal signifince. For more information about joining the League, or if you are considering making a donation, please see our trial membership page and online store
      In addition to our website, check out the League’s participation in social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our Young Monarchists have posted short films depicting the League’s work on the League’s YouTube channel. We also have a number of lol branches and contact groups to promote the Crown in the community and allow monarchists to gather and get to know one another in common endeavour. We hope you enjoy the site, and we welcome you to our fellowship of loyalty!

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